iPhone 6 Plus Repair


Professional inspection of the hardware and software:

Battery Repair:

A brand new battery to bring many more hours of life to the iDevice.

Charging Port Repair:

A working port is necessary for charging the phone.

Microphone Repair:

Get off of perma-mute.

Tilt Sensor Repair:

How do you even break this?

WiFi Repair:

Many apps only work over WiFi. Don’t be stuck on 4G/LTE only.

Audio Jack Repair

Replacement or restoration of the headphone/audio jack.

Glass & LCD Repair:

For shattered, scratched, or non-working displays.

Earpiece Repair:

“Can you hear me now?”

Power Button Repair:

Replacement or restoration of the button that makes the magic happen.

Vibrate Repair:

Silent ringing and notification is nothing without this.

Back Casing:

Replacement for used, scratched, or chipped back plastic, in black or white.

Camera Repair:

Capture friends and family having fun once again.

Home Button Repair:

Replace that sticky, worn out, or broken home button.

Speaker Repair:

For those that can’t hear their phone ring.

Volume Button Repair:

Replacement or restoration of non-working volume buttons.

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